Warm and Cozy Cabins for all Seasons

When summer tans have faded and bikinis have gone into retirement for another year (perhaps for good), we can all look forward to the cooler months of fall and winter. For snowy getaways, a cabin in the woods is the postcard-perfect location. The right furnishing and accents can make the difference between a rustic cabin retreat and a potential set of a horror film – yikes!

cabin area rugs

To give your cabin or lodge additional warmth and character, cabin area rugs are what you need! Handcrafted area rugs can give any drab and dreary cabin an instant pick me up. Area rugs near a fireplace also allow you and your family to huddle close to the fire to bond over ghost stories and toasted marshmallows, even if the weather outside is less than friendly.

The theme or design of your cabin’s interior will have a major impact on what type and style of area rug you should purchase. Near a fireplace, a light-colored rug will help reflect the light from the fire and gently illuminate the room even during the darkest of nights.

If your cabin has taxidermized animals or hunting rifles hung up on the walls, having an area rug that depicts woodland creatures may help emphasize your love for the thrill of the hunt.

If you and your family are at your cabin for the holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, getting a rug that has an earthy, autumnal color palette for fall and a cool-toned rug with snow and pine tree patterns for winter makes for a cute and timely look.

However, you can never go wrong with classic, neutral patterns and designs. Muted tones with accent colors will go along with almost any interior design or motif and will allow your area rug to stay relevant even as seasons change and trends go out of style.